Perth Warehouse Sale Returns - 23rd + 24th October! Perth Warehouse Sale Returns - 23rd + 24th October.

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Perth Warehouse Sale: a guide
For those in Perth, our once a year Warehouse Sale returns next weekend with up to 60% off new and ex-floorstock designs. While it may seem incongruous, being prepared for a warehouse sale will save you time, money and indecisiveness, and most importantly you’ll leave with that piece of Australian design you really want.
Here are a few quick tips on how to prepare.

Do your research

All Arthur G Warehouse Sales have a range of designs available; from recently released shapes, through to Arthur G classics. To familiarise yourself, it's best to browse through our collection beforehand, and make a wish list of the designs that you’re most interested in. Unfortunately, we cannot release a list of all sale items prior to sale, so the more you know the better. 
You can browse our full range here – or visit our Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for more ideas.

Know your measurements

If you’re after a new piece for home, make sure to know your measurements. This will ensure you not only choose a piece that will fit, but that it can be delivered into your home. It's preferable to know the length, height and depth measurements, as well as being aware of any potential access issues.
If you’re looking for a more detailed guide to ensuring successful delivery, read here.

New orders

At all Arthur G Warehouse Sales we always make it possible for you to place a new order, with an extra discount. This means that even if we don't have the piece you want, you're still able to get what you want (knowing your dimensions and designs will make this process easier!).

Try and test

We encourage all clients to take a moment on each design. It’s important to spend a minute or two sitting (or relaxing) into any sofa or chair (like you would at home), to determine whether it’s comfortable for you. You shouldn’t make a decision based on a quick sit and stand.

Perth Warehouse Sale

Up to 60% off new and ex-floorstock designs

Up to 25% off new orders placed during this weekend.

9am – 5pm

17th + 18th October, 2020

The Old Pickle Factory

4 Golding Street, West Perth

9286 1433